Vegetarian Cheese Selection


Our vegetarian cheese selection contains five of our favourite artisan cheeses made with vegetarian rennet. To contrast the richness of these outstanding cheeses, we have included Miller's Elements Earth crackers. Potatoes and earthy sweet beetroot and spinach give these crackers their distinctive crunch.

Godminster Vintage is a delectable Cheddar-style cheese made here in Bruton, Somerset with a rich and buttery flavour and a long finish. From the other side of England, Cornish Yarg is a beautiful, nettle-wrapped cheese with a fresh, lemony flavour and a delicate mushroom taste. Complementing these we have Ticklemore, a wonderfully milky and grassy goat’s cheese, plus Wigmore, a Brie-style cheese made from unpasteurised ewe’s milk. This lovely cheese is fruity, complex and sweet. To complete our selection, we have included Ireland’s premier blue cheese, Cashel Blue. This fine blue is characterful but not strong, with a balanced and creamy flavour. Read more

This selection includes:

  • 5 cheeses (weighing approximately 250g each)
  • Miller's Elements Earth crackers (70g)