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Raclette de Savoie is the quintessential raclette cheese. Smooth and creamy, it melts evenly without burning for a perfect après ski experience. Traditionally, Raclette was melted in front of an open fire before being scraped over boiled potatoes, pickles and charcuterie. Today, table top raclette grills are more commonly used but the ingredients of an authentic raclette dinner are still the same. Raclette de Savoie can be bought on its own or, for an easy Alpine dinner party, our raclette meal deal contains a selection of alpine charcuterie and a jar of crunchy Slate Pickles too.

Raclette grills are available to hire from either of our Suffolk shops. Read more

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This superb Alpine cheese is truly indulgent, and sits perfectly alongside charcuterie for a melting cheese feast!

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Tasting notes

Raclette de Savoie is made from rich raw cow’s milk, which is pressed into round wheels and matured for a minimum of four months. Its pliable paste is ivory yellow with a distinctive taste and aroma that is full-bodied yet balanced. Its rind, meanwhile, develops a colour between dark orange and brown.

Raclette grills are available to hire from either of our Suffolk shops.


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