Norfolk Mardler


With its distinctive yellow wax coating, Norfolk Mardler is one of the most eye-catching in our wall of cheese. Inside, its paste is bright white and firm with a delicious creamy taste and subtle hint of goatiness. Sam Steggles began making cheese in 2009 after buying ten milking goats while on holiday in Cumbria. Fielding Cottage, his business, now has a purpose built cheeseroom and around 800 Saanen, Toggenberg and Alpine goats. Read more

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Clare says …

Norfolk Mardler has a milder goat flavour than others in our range. It is kept supple and moist by the wax coating.

The Nitty Gritty

Goat & Sheep







Country of Origin

Norfolk, UK



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Tasting notes

Wine pairing with Norfolk Mardler

Our wine expert, Katie Goodchild from Heritage Wines recommends Chapel Down’s Sparkling Bacchus -

"Stemming from Kent, Chapel Down is the UK’s leading winemaker, with a big focus on this grape variety. This wine is the first example of a sparkling Bacchus they have made and it’s everything you could want from a glass of bubbles on a sunny day. Made in the style of Prosecco, the bubbles are gently fizzing and perfectly counterbalance the tang of goat's cheese. Herbaceous on the nose with flavours of tropical fruits; think mango and pineapple, on the palate. This wine is wonderful with Norfolk Mardler, especially with honey drizzled over the cheese."

Cheese making visit

With its bright yellow wax coating, Norfolk Mardler is one of the most eye-catching cheeses we have in our "wall of cheese" at Slate. On their recent cheese-making trip to Norfolk, Clare and John called into Fielding Cottage to find out more about how it is made - you can find out more on our blog >