Indulgent European Cheese Selection

Enjoy Europe’s most exquisite cheeses with our selection from across The Channel. Roquefort is one of the world's best-known blue cheeses and a joy to eat, especially with fruit and walnuts. Sweet and nutty, Le Gruyère Reserve is matured for longer than standard varieties to develop greater depth of flavour. Complete your cheeseboard with decadent and delicious Truffle Brie from specialist Brie producer, Rouzaire. Rich and creamy with a lingering flavour of truffles, it tastes fantastic with Champagne, making it perfect for parties and celebrations! Pair all three with the delicious Mør Rye and Buttermilk Snap Crackers included. Read more

This selection includes:

  • Standard: 3 cheeses (weighing approximately 900g in total), plus a box of crackers
  • Large: 3 cheeses (weighing approximately 1650g in total), plus a box of crackers

Tasting notes

Roquefort - A semi-hard French cheese made from the raw milk of Lacaune sheep and Penicillium Roqueforti mould from the natural caves of Roquefort-sure-Soulzon. With no rind and an open texture, it is moist and crumbly with mould that is greener than other blue cheeses. Made to strict PDO guidelines this distinctive cheese has a piquant salty profile that matches well with honey or a glass of Sauternes. Unpasteurised sheep's milk / Traditional rennet.
Le Gruyère Reserve is a Swiss classic. Made from unpastuerised cow’s milk, it is matured longer than standard varieties for greater depth of flavour. Unpasteurised cow's milk / Traditional rennet.
Truffle Brie is made by specialist Brie producer Rouzaire of Thierache-Brie. Its middle layer is an indulgent ripened mixture of crème fraîche, mascarpone and summer truffles. Pasteurised cow's milk / Traditional rennet.