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Le Gruyère has been produced in the Jura region of Switzerland since the 12th century. Today, this authentic AOP regulated Le Gruyère Reserve is still made to the same traditional recipe — and no fondue is complete without it! Le Gruyère Reserve is matured for longer than standard varieties to develop greater depth of flavour. Made from rich unpasteurised cow’s milk, it is floral, fruity, nutty and sharp with a dark rind and slightly grainy paste. Read more

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This iconic Swiss Alpine cheese ticks all the boxes for flavour and texture. Perfect for an indulgent cheese sauce!

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Jura, Switzerland



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Tasting notes

Le Gruyère Réserve AOP is a hard cheese made with unpasteurised cow’s milk. For over 900 years, this Alpine Swiss cheese has been produced in the area surrounding the small town of Gruyères.

Le Gruyère Réserve is matured for at least 10 months and has a more intensely aromatic character than Gruyère Classic. Its flavour is floral, fruity, and nutty. It has a dark rind and slightly grainy paste.

Famed for its leading role in fondue, this Gruyère is a brilliant cheese in the kitchen, as well as on the cheeseboard. Pair it with a full-bodied red wine or flavoursome beer.

  • Raw cow’s milk
  • Animal rennet

What is special about Le Gruyère Réserve AOP?

Production of Le Gruyère is heavily protected by its Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status, as well as its French Appellation d'origine protégée (AOP). Both these systems guarantee its provenance and ensure that the 164 dairies producing Gruyère adhere to strict traditional production methods. They also ensure Gruyère is only ever made with raw milk.

Le Gruyère Réserve AOP is aged under very specific conditions of 90% humidity and 15°C for at least 10 months. During this time, the wheels are turned and washed with salt water. The rind contributes significantly to the flavour of the cheese.

Le Gruyère Réserve melts brilliantly and has many uses in the kitchen. It is partnered with Emmental for a traditional fondue and is wonderful in gratins. Gruyère is the traditional topping for French Onion Soup as it pairs well with caramelised onions. You could also try it melted in an onion quiche or flan.

Add a nutty flavour to macaroni or cauliflower cheese as a replacement or addition to cheddar; just be careful not to overpower the cheddar. Gruyere is also delicious on toast and melted under the grill.

Bakers love Gruyère Réserve. Grate it onto cheese scones before cooking or create the best cheese straws with puff pastry. It is also sublime in another French classic: Gougère, savoury choux pastry morsels.

This mature Gruyere matches well with full bodied red wines, such as Bordeaux and even Rioja. With beer, try a malty German beer or wheat beer or even a well-hopped British Porter.