Goat's Cheese Selection

Enjoy a trio of exquisite goat’s cheeses with our goat’s cheese selection. For a crunchy and striking contrast, we have also included Miller's Damsel Charcoal handbaked wafers.

Eye-catching Norfolk Mardler is deliciously creamy with just a subtle hint of goatiness. Its yellow wax coating keeps the firm white cheese inside supple and moist. Our second cheese, Ticklemore, is a wonderfully milky and grassy goat’s cheese with mushroom notes. This semi-hard cheese is instantly recognisable for its distinctive flying saucer shape. Our final choice, Dorstone, is an ash coated goat’s cheese shaped into a turret. Beneath the edible ash rind, the texture is smooth and moussy while the flavour has a soft citrus tang and yeasty notes. Read more

This selection includes:

  • 3 cheeses (weighing approximately 250g each)
  • Miller's Damsel Charcoal Wafers (125g)