Family Lunch Cheese Selection

Gather your friends and family for lunch and enjoy this perfectly balanced selection of outstanding cheeses from Britain and Europe. To accompany them, we have included Toast for Cheese: Cherries, Almonds and Linseeds.

Our extra mature Gouda, the unparalleled Weydeland VSOC Gouda, is aged for an astonishing three years (1000 days) to develop its sweet and nutty caramel taste. Blue cheese aficionados will love Colston Bassett Stilton, a mellow PDO Stilton with delicious buttery and fruity flavours. Ticklemore is a wonderfully milky and grassy goat’s cheese with mushroom notes, while Brebis Napoleon is a hard sheep’s milk cheese with a sweet and nutty flavour. Brie de Meaux, the classic taste of France, completes our collection with its soft and creamy centre and earthy, mushroom flavours. Read more

This selection includes:

  • 5 cheeses (weighing approximately 1100g in total)
  • Toast for Cheese: Cherries, Almonds and Linseeds (105g)

Tasting notes

Our extra mature Gouda, Weydeland VSOC Gouda, is made in the Woerden region of Holland on the banks of the river Oude Rijn.

Colston Bassett Stilton is an exceptional PDO Stilton handmade in Nottinghamshire.

Ticklemore is made in Devon using pasteurised milk from goats that graze nearby on Dartmoor.

Brebis Napoleon AOC is a hard cheese produced from raw ewe's milk in the French Basque Country.

Brie de Meaux AOC is a raw milk soft cheese with a bloomy rind made in the Meuse department of France.