British Cheese Weekender Box

Buy British cheese and help our country's artisan cheese makers! With thousands of litres of milk being poured away each day since the start of the Coronavirus crisis and maturing rooms left full of cheese with a limited shelf life, supporting Britain's artisan cheese makers has never been more important. The Early May Bank Holiday weekend sees celebration of all that is great about Britain's cheese industry with a free online cheese festival "The British Cheese Weekender". Our British Cheese Weekender Box is the perfect feast to enjoy whilst you watch virtual farm tours and live online tastings.

Our British Cheese Weekender Box contains three of Britain's finest artisan cheeses: Double Barrel Poacher, Cornish Kern and Dorset Blue Vinny. Alongside these cheeses you will receive a box of classic water biscuits and full tasting notes giving information about the cheeses and the families who make them. Read more

This selection includes:

  • 3 cheeses (weighing approximately 225g each)
  • Classic water biscuits

Tasting notes

Dorset Blue Vinny - A multi-award winning English blue cheese, little known outside the West Country.  It is handmade at Woodbridge Farm in north Dorset to 300-year-old recipe using hand-skimmed milk from the farm's Holstein-Friesian cows. Dorset Blue Vinny is a crumbly cheese veined with blue.  It is creamy in flavour with a mellow blue taste and edible rind.  Pasteurised cow's milk / Vegetarian rennet. 

Double Barrel Poacher - A small number of Lincolnshire Poacher cheeses are specially selected for extended maturing.  These become known as 'Double Barrel', perfect for those who enjoy really big flavours.  Matured between two and three years, this cheese is rich, strong and savoury.  Deep pungent flavours are offset by bright and fruity notes.  Unpasteurised cow's milk / Traditional rennet. 

Cornish Kern From the makers of Cornish Yarg, a Gouda-style hard cheese with Alpine nuttiness. Coated in distinctive black wax, Kern takes its name from theCornish word for "round". It was crowned Supreme Champion at the World Cheese Awards in London in 2017. Pasteurised cow's milk / Vegetarian rennet.