Best of British Cheese Selection

Serve the finest British cheeses with this perfectly balanced selection. Including a rich and creamy Shropshire Blue, from the makers of Cropwell Bishop Stilton, a delicious new award-winning Cheddar from Trethowan's Dairy - Pitchfork with its long-lasting finish pairs beautifully with a spoonful of Slate chutney. Pave Cobble, an ash-coated sheep’s cheese, completes our trio with a light and delicate dimension. Serve all three with delightfully crunchy Peter’s Yard Sourdough Crispbreads. Read more

This selection includes:

  • Standard: 3 cheeses (Cropwell Bishop Shropshire Blue, Pitchfork & Pavé Cobble - weighing approximately 1100g in total), plus a box of crackers
  • Large: 3 cheeses (Cropwell Bishop Shropshire Blue, Pitchfork & Pavé Cobble x2 - weighing approximately 2000g in total), plus a box of crackers

Tasting notes

Cropwell Bishop Shropshire Blue is a handmade semi-hard, blue veined cheese with a creamy taste and golden orange colour.
Pitchfork is a brand-new award-winning Cheddar, handmade to a traditional recipe by Trethowan's Dairy in Somerset. Its flavour has savoury tones and a long-lasting tangy finish.
Pavé Cobble is a sweet and creamy ash-coated sheep’s cheese made by White Lake Cheese in Pylle, Somerset.
Peter’s Yard Original Sourdough Crispbread crackers are Swedish style sourdough crispbreads, perfect partners for cheese in terms of both taste and texture.