Alde Cheese Wedding Cake

Serves 65 - 90 guests ~ Free UK delivery ~ Self assembly to match your wedding theme ~ East Anglian artisan cheese

If you’re passionate about local produce, why not treat your wedding guests to five of Suffolk and Norfolk’s best cheeses with our spectacular East Anglian cheese wedding cake? The base, Suffolk Gold, is a crowd-pleasing crumbly farmhouse cheese with a beautiful golden colour. Our second layer is wonderful Norfolk Tawny, a cheese washed in beer from nearby Beeston Brewery, while the tangy blue veins of Mrs Temples’ Binham Blue provide an equally characterful middle. Our fourth and final layers are two delectable soft cheeses, which are delivered in wooden boxes to protect them until the big day. Creamy Brie-style Baron Bigod is made to a traditional French recipe, while our crowning cheese, St Jude, is delicate and milky.

The Alde cheese wedding cake weighs 6.4kg and will serve between 65 and 90 guests. The diameter of the base cheese, Suffolk Gold, is 25cm. The cheeses are delivered unadorned, ready for assembly and for you to decorate with seasonal fruits, flowers and decorations that match the bride’s bouquet or your individual wedding theme. Read more