Slate Delivery Pass


  1. The Slate Delivery Pass (‘SDP’) is issued to the person (the ‘Holder’) who pays the SDP fee and provides their address and email and / or telephone number (‘Personal Information’) to Slate. 
  2. The Holder may make online purchases from Slate without payment of a delivery charge for any purchase / delivery over £20 in value for a period of 6 months from the date of issue of the SDP.
  3. Purchases using the SDP are personal to the Holder and are for delivery to the Holder’s registered address.
  4. The Holder authorises Slate to contact him / her by email, letter or telephone to process transactions and to deliver marketing information.
  5. Personal Information is used / processed in compliance with the Slate Privacy Policy as included on the Company’s website 
  6. Slate reserves the right to cancel immediately for any reason the future use of the SDP by notice given by email, telephone call or text message to the address or telephone number provided to Slate.   In such circumstances Slate would refund the SDP fee.