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Soft Cheese

Soft Cheese

Rich and creamy soft cheeses are the ultimate indulgence. Brie and Camembert may spring to mind first, but British artisan soft cheeses can now rival France’s best.

British Brie-style cheeses, like ripe Brie de Meaux, are sumptuous and complex with delightfully gooey centres. You may detect aromas of earth and mushroom, particularly towards their bloomy rinds. Other soft cheeses, meanwhile, may have a fresher, more lactic taste. Flavours may be reminiscent of butter and fresh grass.

Vacherin Mont D'Or is exceptionally soft and creamy. This seasonal cheese is rich and voluptuous — and its autumn arrival is always eagerly anticipated by the team!

Soft cheeses can be incredible baked until runny. Otherwise, soft cheeses are best served at room temperature. Add some fruit and pecan nuts for contrasting tastes and textures.