Norfolk Dapple


Norfolk Dapple is a cheddar-style cheese made by Ferndale Cheeses in Norfolk. Maker Arthur Betts uses unpasteurised cow’s milk from a local herd of pedigree Holstein-Friesians and traditional ‘cheddaring’ methods to create this rich and round cheese with a hint of nuttiness. Its namesake dappling develops on the truckles’ cloths while it matures for between five and eight months. Read more

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John says …

This cheddar-style cheese is memorable for its pretty clothbound edge and tastes delicious with an oaky red wine.

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Country of Origin

Norfolk, UK



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Tasting notes

Cheese making visit

Clare and John are always thrilled by the opportunity to get hands-on making cheese and made a visit to Ferndale Cheeses in July 2018.

Ferndale Cheeses is the family-run producer of local East Anglian cheeses Norfolk Dapple as well as Norfolk Tawny, Smoked Dapple, and the seasonal special, port-infused Ruby Dapple.  Elinor Betts has been cheese making for nearly two decades and was joined in the business by her son Arthur a couple of years ago. You can find out more about cheese making at Ferndale Cheeses on our blog >

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