Goat's & Sheep's Cheese

Goat's & Sheep's Cheese

Fresh and delicate or rich and complex - our favourite goat’s and sheep’s cheeses are each uniquely special.  

The youngest goat’s cheeses in our selection are light and mild with a texture like mousse. Grassy and milky, these soft and subtle goat’s cheeses win over all who taste them. More mature varieties are firmer and ‘goatier’ in aroma and taste. Aficionados will love their complexity and notes of lemon, earth and mushroom.

Sheep’s cheeses vary from soft and sumptuous to firm and dense. Rich sheep’s milk creates creamy, luxurious cheeses which can be fruity and nutty as well as sweet.

We love a drizzle a honey on goat’s cheese or soft sheep’s cheese, along with a sprinkling of walnuts. Firm sheep’s cheeses, meanwhile, are ideal for tapas.  

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