East Anglian Cheese Selection

Our East Anglian Cheese Selection contains three very special East Anglian cheeses. East Anglia may not be a traditional cheese-making area but today’s award-winning producers are certainly causing a buzz. Without a history of cheesemaking, the farmers-turned-cheesemakers in this area create their exceptional cheeses with recipes from around the UK and Europe. They use the creamy full-flavoured milk from their own happy herds, who graze Norfolk and Suffolk’s rich and fertile pastures. This milk is transformed into their award-winning cheeses in purpose-built cheese dairies built on their farms. Choose this selection to enjoy Norfolk Dapple Cheddar-style cheese, Baron Bigod or St Jude soft cheese and Binham Blue.

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This selection includes:

  • Small: 3 cheeses (weighing approximately 200g each) plus small box of crackers
  • Large: 3 cheeses (weighing approximately 400g each) plus large box of crackers

Tasting notes

Norfolk Dapple is a rich Cheddar-style cheese produced at Ferndale Cheeses in Barningham, Norfolk. 
Baron Bigod is a soft Brie-style cheese made from raw milk at Fen Farm Dairy near Bungay, Suffolk.
Binham Blue is a blue cheese made by Mrs Temple at Copys Green Farm in Wighton, Norfolk.

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