Cheesemonger's Special Selection

Each month we put together a carefully selected trio of cheeses with some complementary crackers. This selection is expertly chosen to balance or harmonise on your cheeseboard. Selections may be seasonal to showcase cheeses in their prime or shine a spotlight on producers from one area. We may also be celebrating a new addition to our Wall of Cheese or an award-winning cheese. Whatever the focus, you can look forward to receiving three very fine cheeses and the ideal crackers to serve along with them. Read more

This selection includes:

  • 3 cheeses (weighing approximately 225g each) - for September: Golden Cross, Vintage Cornish Gouda, Harrogate Blue, plus a box of Miller's Elements Flame-baked Water Crackers.

Tasting notes

Our September selection showcases three cheeses that have made a recent debut in our Slate 'wall of cheese'. We are pleased to share with you these new discoveries - a classic trio that includes a balanced variety of textures, milks and styles.

Golden Cross - Kevin and Alison Blunt make Golden Cross on the family farm in East Sussex that they share with a mixed herd of 220 goats. This ash-coated log-shaped cheese is made to a recipe inspired by Sainte-Maure de Touraine from the Loire Valley in France. With age, Golden Cross develops a bloomy white rind and its soft, silky texture becomes denser. Its flavour evolves from delicate and grassy with hints of citrus to be creamier and sweeter. Golden Cross cheese takes its name from the cross on the roof of the Blunts' local pub. Try it with a glass of sparkling wine, or alongside thin slices of beetroot and a sprinkling of walnuts. Unpasteurised goat's milk / Vegetarian rennet.

Vintage Cornish Gouda - Vintage Gouda typically fills your mouth with lingering delights of fudgy caramel and this one from the Cornish Gouda Company is no exception. Aged for over two years, it has a rich, complex flavour and crunchy texture from protein crystals that develop from 8 months onwards. Handcrafted to a traditional Dutch recipe, this Vintage Gouda is made on the Spierings' sustainably-run dairy farm near Looe on the south Cornish coast. It crumbles and melts well in cooking and also makes an incredible sandwich tucked inside crusty sourdough bread. Pasteurised cow's milk / Traditional rennet.

Harrogate Blue - Taking its name from the famous Yorkshire spa town, Harrogate Blue is a luxurious golden cheese intricately veined with blue mould. It is matured for at least ten weeks to develop a mellow but full-bodied flavour. Its creaminess grows in the mouth and there is a hint of peppery spice at the finish coming from its blue veins. Harrogate Blue is one of the artisan cheeses produced by Shepherd's Purse. The company was founded by Judy Bell in the late 1980s and is now run by her daughters Katy and Caroline. Pasteurised cow's milk / Vegetarian rennet. 

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