Cheesemonger's Special Selection

Each month we put together a carefully selected trio of cheeses with some complementary crackers. This selection includes our Cheese of the Month as well as two other cheeses expertly chosen to balance or harmonise. Selections may be seasonal to showcase cheeses in their prime. Sometimes we shine a spotlight on producers from one area. We may also be celebrating a new addition to our Wall of Cheese or an award-winning cheese. Whatever the focus, you can look forward to receiving three very fine cheeses and the ideal crackers to serve along with them. Read more

This selection includes:

  • 3 cheeses (weighing approximately 225g each) - for June: Appleby's Cheshire, Mature Kirkham's Lancashire, Wild Garlic Cornish Yarg, plus a box of three-fruit crackers. 

Tasting notes

This month we have a trio of British cheeses chosen from the crumbly category often known as "Territorials". Made by small family-run dairies in different parts of the country, all three cheeses have a long history. They are unique in flavour and texture, expressing the 'terrior' or locality of where they are made. The soil, pastures, weather and season are encapsulated in the milk used to make them.

Appleby's Cheshire - The distinctive salmon-peach colour of Appleby's Cheshire comes from addition of the natural vegetable dye, annatto. Open and crumbly in texture but not overly dry, Appleby's Cheshire is a perfect balance of rich mineral flavours and acidity. It is savoury and grassy with a long finish; the earthy complexity of this cheese delicately lingers in your mouth. Appleby's Cheshire pairs well with acidic fruit such as apples and strawberries; also sweet figs and dates. It is perfectly complemented by a glass of crisp sparkling cider. Unpasteurised cow's milk / Traditional rennet.

Mature Kirkham's Lancashire - Kirkham's Lancashire is made by third-generation cheese maker Graham Kirkham on the family farm near Goosnargh. It is said to be the last farmhouse raw-milk Lancashire in the world. Mature Kirkham’s Lancashire is aged up to 10 months for a denser, more full-bodied mineral flavour and satisfying yoghurty tang. The texture, however, remains as buttery and crumbly as younger Lancashires. Our favourite pairing for Kirkham's Lancashire is the rich sweetness of a sticky Eccles cake from Suffolk-based Pump Street Bakery. Unpasteurised cow's milk / Traditional rennet.

Wild Garlic Cornish Yarg - Cornish Yarg is produced by the award-winning Lynher Dairies in Ponsanooth, mid Cornwall. Creamy under its natural rind and slightly crumbly towards the core, Yarg is well known prettily encased in locally foraged nettles. For a short time each spring, this seasonal variation is made when wild garlic is picked from local Cornish woodlands. These beautiful bright green leaves have a pungent aroma and impart a gentle garlicky flavour. Their higher moisture content gives the Yarg a slightly firmer texture than when nettle-wrapped. Pasteurised cow's milk / Vegetarian rennet.

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