Gourmet Cheese Knife

Our specialist cheese knives are the perfect accessory for any cheese lover and a lasting gift to keep once all the cheese has been eaten. Each knife is beautifully crafted with an acacia wood handle and a durable stainless steal blade designed to effortlessly cut through the finest artisan cheese. Choose the knife best suited to cutting your favourite style of cheese for a flawless slice to put on your crackers this Christmas. With no need to keep refrigerated, this is a gift that can be safely stowed away until Christmas - why not add a Slate gift voucher or cheese selection to create the perfect gift combination?

Available knife options:

Hard cheese cleaver - The deep and study blade of this cleaver-style knife is tough enough to slice easily through firmer cheeses on the board including Westcombe Cheddar, Norfolk Dapple and Comté.

Brie knife - With a long straight blade, this knife has been shaped to cut through soft, squidgy cheese without pulling it from the rind.  This knife is perfect for cheeses such as Baron Bigod, Brie de Meaux and Norfolk White Lady.

Parmesan cheese knife - This knife has a short sharp blade perfect for breaking away the very best bits of very hard, aged cheeses like Parmesan and extra mature Gouda