Do you have cheese plans for your wedding celebrations? Here at Slate we provide a range of options for wedding cheese and we are bursting with advice on how to build a stunning tower of cheese, which will also taste incredible!

The Blyth Cheese Wedding Cake
For those getting married in Suffolk we offer a bespoke cheese wedding cheese design service with a tasting session in one of our seaside shops to select the finest artisan cheeses to be included in your stack. We can then deliver, assemble and decorate your cheese 'cake' at your reception venue.

For those celebrating further afield, our 'ready-to-assemble' cakes are extremely popular and easy to build on the day. We have three options on our website which cater for between 20 and 135 guests, including our new min stacks designed specifically for smaller gatherings. These cakes can be dispatched nationwide, direct to your venue.

The cheeses in our 'ready-to-assemble' cakes arrive clearly labelled so they can be easily identified and stacked in the correct order.

We have the following top tips to creating and decorating a magnificent tower of cheese.

1. Choose an attractive presentation board on which to build your 'cake' - perhaps a piece of wood or a slate tile of appropriate size for the diameter of your base cheese. Ensure that it is clean, dry and food-safe.

2. Place the base layer of cheese on the board and stack remaining cheeses on top, in descending size order. For smaller celebrations, wedges rather than whole cheeses may be stacked at different angles. The cut face of these pieces of cheese can look extremely inviting!

The Alde Cheese Wedding Cake
3. Soft cheeses are best stacked in their wooden boxes or presented on the side as they will not retain their shape or stability once warmed to room temperature. Empty wooden boxes can also be used as spacers to add extra height to a stack.

4. Once assembled, your cheese cake is ready to decorate and here, the sky's the limit for inspiration and personal touches! Flowers, foliage, ribbons, herbs and fruit are all popular choices to place around the base or balance on the tiers of cheese. Decorations can be wedged between layers of cheese or small pins may be needed to secure them, however it is extremely important that the number of pins is counted carefully and they are all retrieved before the cheese is served.

Decorated tiered cheese cake
5. Choose an eye-catching flourish to complete the look of your tower of cheese. Perhaps a small turret of ash-coated goat's cheese, or a heart-shaped Godminster Cheddar, Baron Bigod or Neufchâtel. Alternatively you could choose a traditional or bespoke cake topper to balance on the final layer of cheese.

6. After your guests have been wowed by your cheese 'cake' and their taste buds tickled, it will be time to tuck in and enjoy the cheese. Carefully disassemble the stack and serve the individual cheeses. We provide cards to place beside each cheese providing information including its name, type of milk and tasting notes. Importantly these cards also note whether the cheese is made from pasteurised or unpasteurised milk, and its suitability for vegetarians.

7. Along side the cheese be sure to provide a selection of crackers including gluten free options as cheese is a popular choice for those following a gluten free diet, and of course a range of accompaniments such as chutney, chilli jam, fruit, nuts and honey to ensure your wedding cheese board is a truly memorable treat for all your guests.

If you are planning your wedding we would love to hear from you and chat cheese. Alternatively visit our website to explore our 'ready-to-assemble cheese wedding cake' options and browse our gallery of 'cakes' for design inspiration.