Melted cheese is always a winner and perfect for feeding a crowd be it with a bubbling pot of fondue or a molten wedge of Raclette. Gather your family and friends to recreate an evening of authentic après ski or branch out to share the joy of cheese with an Alpine themed supper club.

Cheese fondueWith cheese and fondue sets from Slate, Kent based foodie Joanne Banks did just this. Since 2016 Joanne has run "Alive with Flavour" to educate and inspire people about food. With fondue featuring on many current "cool food" lists, Jo thought it the ideal theme for her first event of 2019.

We were delighted to have Jo visit us at Slate in Aldeburgh. During her visit we chatted about Alpine cheeses, the etiquette of fondue and the Savoyarde fondue recipe we love best. Click below to listen to the podcast Jo recorded.

Fondue cheese selections and Raclette cheese can be bought in-store or ordered from our online shop, and both fondue and Raclette sets are available to hire. If you are planning an event and would like to include melted cheese, please get in touch. We promise yodelling is entirely optional!