There may not be mountains here in Suffolk to walk or ski but with the new fondue and raclette kits we have available to hire, you can enjoy the all the flavours of Alpine cheese at home.   Both fondue and raclette are sociable meals perfect for an informal dinner party. With our kits, and of course all the cheese, what could be simpler and more delicious ?

Fondue is the classic Swiss dish of melted cheese kept warm in a communal pot, eaten by dipping bread into the cheese using long-stemmed forks.  Here at Slate we recommend a recipe based on equal quantities of Emmental, Gruyere and Beaufort to create a complex, indulgent sauce with a hint of nuttiness.  The meal is typically accompanied by a fresh green salad to complement the richness of the cheese.

We offer hire of a six-person fondue kit complete with pot, burner and forks.  We can supply you with the cheese ingredients and bread you will need to create the fondue at home.  Alternatively our chefs can pre-make the sauce so it is ready to use.

Also from Switzerland, Raclette is a semi-hard cow's milk cheese made in large 6kg wheels.  In the dish of the same name, Raclette cheese is melted under an electric grill and scraped over accompaniments such as boiled potatoes, charcuterie and gherkins.  The name of this dish comes from the French verb "racler" meaning "to scrape". We have traditional raclette kits for hire, which hold up to a quarter of a wheel of cheese.  Heat from an electric element creates a sumptuous layer of molten cheese to be scraped off and enjoyed. We provide you with full instructions of how to assemble and use the raclette kit.    

Available for collection from either Slate shop, both fondue and raclette kits are available to hire for £10 per day, with a deposit of £25.  Pre-booking is essential. Please contact us by phone or email to reserve your kit and to place your cheese order.