Amongst the abundant feasting of the festive season your Christmas cheeseboard is the perfect moment for an impressive display and bold flavours. Put cheese at the centre of your Christmas celebrations with our tried and tested advice for an irresistible spread of cheesy delights.

Cheese selection

Feast of cheese

Your Christmas cheeseboard should offer choices to cater for all the taste buds gathered around your table. Consider a range of milks, rennet and pasteurisation to suit specific dietary requirements; also balance cheese styles and textures to create a sublime selection.

Alongside something fresh and goaty we suggest an indulgent brie-style cheese and a hard, grassy Cheddar. Contrast light crumbly Cheshire with creamy, piquant Stilton and of course a true stinker to knock Granddad’s socks off!

Deck the halls

Christmas dinner is about turkey with all the trimmings and the same should apply to your cheeseboard. Provide a decadent array of accompaniments to make your cheese choices sparkle!

Think complementary and contrasting in terms of both flavour and texture. A range of crackers from sweet oatcakes to crunchy sourdough crispbreads; handfuls of nuts such as pecans to enjoy with local Binham Blue and walnuts with cheddar-style Norfolk Dapple. Dried fruit including apricots, dates and cranberries bring jewel colours and natural sweetness that sits well alongside salty cheese. Stilton is particularly delicious crumbled on mince pies and Wensleydale accompanied by a slice of Christmas cake. A drizzle of honey is fantastic with goat's cheese like Dorstone and a spoonful of dark relish perfect with hard cheeses and the Boxing Day pork pie.

Christmas cheers

The right choice in your wine glass can turn a delicious mouthful of cheese into a truly memorable festive feast.

Classic Christmas pairings include Stilton with port or a sweet desert wine such as White Castle Vineyard's 1851. Buttery Chardonnay from Chapel Down in Kent brings complementary flavours to Kirkham's Lancashire and for an indulgent match enjoy Simpsons' Chalklands Classic Cuvée with Baron Bigod, a sparkling English wine that beautifully contrasts the creamy texture of this luxurious cheese.

Not just for Christmas

Leftovers are a Christmas classic and with a little care, remaining cheeses will last right through to the New Year. A few large pieces of cheese store better than many small ones. Keep them well wrapped in the waxed paper in which your cheese arrives to prevent drying out and cracking. Never use cling film or you'll get a sweaty cheese, and store washed rind cheeses in a separate sealed container to prevent their strong aroma permeating the rest of the cheese.

Above all, relish your cheeses with family and friends this year. Festive greetings from us all at Slate!