Truffle Brie is a decadent cheese perfect for the festive season as it tastes fantastic with a glass of Champagne!  Sourced from French specialist Brie producer Rouzaire, this cheese is handmade from high quality cow's milk.  

Young wheels of Brie are sliced horizontally and spread with an indulgent mixture of crème fraîche, mascarpone and summer truffles.  The two halves are put back together and the cheese ripened in underground cellars.  Rouzaire's Truffle Brie is rich and creamy in taste with the mushroom flavour of truffles lingering on the palate.               

  • Pasteurised cow's milk 
  • Traditional rennet

What's special about Rouzaire's Truffle Brie?

Specialist Brie producer Rouzaire is an independent, family-run business based in Thierache-Brie, Northern France.  Three generations of the family have been making cheese since 1938, and running their own dedicated "affinage" (maturing) unit since the 1960s.   

The current Rouzaire cheese making facility at Fontenay-Trésigny opened in 1986.  Most of the Brie produced there is made from unpasteurised cow's milk but some, like our cheese of the month, is made for export using pasteurised milk.  On a daily basis, high quality milk is collected from between 20 and 25 nearby dairy farms within the Brie PDO area.  These herds are mostly grass fed Holstein cows.  On delivery, the milk is used immediately for cheese making.  

All Rouzaire Brie is handmade including hand slicing of the curds using a specialist Brie slice.  Once made, each wheel of cheese spends between four and six days "drying" before being moved to the "affinage" unit: underground cellars at nearby Tournan-en-Brie.  These cellars stretch for 2,600 square metres.  Conditions are perfect for maturing the Brie: 6-10 degrees centigrade and 95% humidity.  The cheese is ripened for 4-6 weeks, being turned by hand twice each week.      

To create Truffle Brie, a young wheel of Brie is sliced in half horizontally.  The centre of the cheese is spread with a rich mixture of crème fraîche, mascarpone and summer truffles.  The two halves are put back together to create a succulent truffle sandwich and the wheel is returned to the cellars for ripening. The truffles used in the filling are black Perigord truffles sourced from the Dordogne region of France.  They are the second-most commercially valuable species of truffle and grow with oak and hazelnut trees.     

Rouzaire's Truffle Brie is soft, creamy and smooth.  The characteristic tang of Brie is offset by the pungent taste of its truffle centre.  The earthy, mushroom flavour of truffles lingers on the palate for a truly sumptuous treat.