Pavé Cobble is the soft lactic-style cheese made in Somerset which was crowned "Supreme Champion" in the British Cheese Awards 2017.  With its truncated pyramid shape and ash coating its appearance is reminiscent of the European cobbled streets from which it takes its name.

The paste of this fresh sheep's cheese is bright white in colour and soft and silky in texture.  Its flavour is sweet and creamy with a delicate hint of tangy citrus.

  • Unpasteurised ewe's milk
  • Vegetarian rennet.

What is special about Pavé Cobble?

Pavé Cobble is made by White Lake Cheese at Bagborough Farm in Pylle, Somerset, not far from Glastonbury.  Founded in 2004 by Peter Humphries and Roger Longman, White Lake makes a range of cow, goat and sheep cheeses.  The farm has its own herd of goats to provide milk for their goat's cheeses, including "Rachel" the semi-hard brine washed cheese for which they are best known.  Cow's and ewe's milk is sourced from nearby farms. Each week they turn 12,000 litres of milk into 1.5 tonnes of cheese. Both the farm and cheese making activities are run sustainably with solar panels and a wood boiler generating the necessary electricity.

Pavé Cobble is made using traditional cheese making methods including hand ladling into its flat-topped pyramid moulds.  Each pyramid is then dusted with wood ash and matured for around three weeks. Ash coating is a traditional French technique typically associated with the production of fresh goat's cheeses.  It lowers the acidity of the rind and encourages desired mould growth. Pavé Cobble cheeses have a silvery grey exterior when young. Their surface is crenelated and wrinkled. With age, the rind darkens in colour with blue-green hues.  It becomes thicker as natural moulds develop, namely geotrichum and glaucum.

This light, delicate cheese has a soft and silky paste, often mousse-like in texture.  At perfect maturity it should ooze a little under the rind and have a melting quality on the palate.  As well as having a sweet creamy flavour, it has notes of citrus. With age the complexity of these flavours increases and can become robust.

Cheese maker Roger Longman is a keen cyclist.  The shape and name of this cheese pay homage to the famous cobbled streets of European cycling races such as the Paris Roubaix.

Pavé Cobble won multiple titles at the British Cheese Awards of 2017.  In addition to being named Best Speciality Cheese, Best Fresh Cheese and Best English Cheese it received the ultimate accolade of "Supreme Champion".  To fully enjoy its delicate flavour, Pavé Cobble is best eaten with light, crisp crackers. It pairs well with a fresh white wine or Somerset cider.