Bosworth Ash is a ripened lactic goats cheese made by Innes Cheese in Staffordshire.  It is hand-made in buckets before being shaped in individual logs and coated with salted vegetable ash.

The paste of Bosworth Ash is snowy white in colour and has a smooth, dense texture.  Its flavour is bright and grassy with a hint of peppery spice coming from the rind. This cheese is matured between two and three weeks.    

  • Unpastuerised goats milk
  • Animal rennet.

What is special about Bosworth Ash?

Bosworth Ash is made by Innes Cheese at Highfields Farm Dairy on the Thorpe Estate in south-east Staffordshire.  

This family-run dairy switched from cows to goats in 1987.  They now have a mixed herd numbering 350 goats, including British Saanen, British Toggenburg, British Alpine and Golden Guernsey goats.  Two hundred of these goats are milked twice daily, each goat producing around three litres of milk per day.

Mother and son cheese-makers, Stella and Joe Bennett, work with a small team to produce two goats cheeses: Bosworth Ash and Chilcote Brick.  

Bosworth Ash has a slow lactic make.  Afternoon milk is ripened overnight in buckets using the dairy's own whey as starter culture.  Next morning, fresh milk is added and also a small amount of traditional animal rennet, before being left overnight again for the curds to develop.  

On the second morning, curds are hand-ladled into tall, cylindrical moulds to give the cheese its distinctive log shape and then left to drain.  Each cheese is rolled in salted vegetable ash giving it a light grey appearance. This traditional French technique for maturing goats cheese lowers the acidity of the rind and encourages mould growth.  The logs are then matured for two to three week.

Bosworth Ash has a clean, bright flavour that lengthens with ages.  There may be notes of earthiness and grass. It is a savoury goats cheese.  The sprinkling of Penicillium and Geotrichum moulds that develop on its rind give a touch of spice.  Its smooth texture has a thickness which coats your mouth and a thin layer of gooey breakdown is found under the rind.

Innes Cheese also make Chilcote Brick.  As its name suggests, this is an individual "brick" shaped cheese.  It has a peachy-golden colour with a dusting of Geotrichum Candidum moulds on its rind.  Its flavour is bright and sweet with notes of hazelnut.